Lecture 4 – The Spatial-Time Dimension

Lecture 4 on the Spatial-Time Dimension has been added. Lecture 4 argues that the geometry of the universe is not a three-dimensional non-Euclidean space as perceived by Einstein. Rather, it is a four-dimensional Euclidean space. The fourth dimension is called the Spatial-Time dimension that unifies space and time (i.e. a lightyear in distance is a year back in time. This lecture also summarizes the main tenants of The Theory of Time. Length 55:03

Lecture 2 – The Principle of Relativity

Lecture 2 – The Principle of Relativity has been added to the Home Page. This lecture discusses the historical views of the nature of the universe, the development of the Principle of Relativity, and early views of light including the Doppler Effect and redshift. This lecture provides background which helps to explain the assumptions Einstein used in his Theory of Relativity. Length: 55:59

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