Victor A Meyer

Who I Am:

I am currently a retired amateur theoretical physicist. I have M.A. degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science. I served in the U.S. Air Force, a Business Intelligence Analyst in the private sector, and as Chairman of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, KS.


B.S. Mathematics – University of Detroit (1975)
M.A. Mathematics – University of Detroit (1978)
M.A. Computer Science – University of Detroit (1978)
ABD (All But Dissertation) Computer Science – University of Kansas

Work Experience:

Systems Analyst

Marygrove College
Detroit MI

Scientific Analyst

United States Air Force

Chairman, Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science

Saint Mary College
Leavenworth KS

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

First Command Financial Planning
Fort Worth TX

Retired (2017)

Books Written:

The Existential God

Self-published as e-book
ISBN: 9781465806215
Non-Fiction, Spirituality
83,040 words
August 6, 2011

The Theory of Time

Unpublished manuscript (Reference for Romeo Effect series)
Non-Fiction, Theoretical Physics
103,617 words
March 16, 2017

Book 1 – The Romeo Effect: The Illusion of Dark Matter

Awaiting publisher
Non-Fiction, Theoretical Physics
40,043 words
March 28, 2018


The Theory of Time
The Romeo Effect
The Existential God

Personal Statement:

I believe I am especially qualified to write the Romeo Effect series of books. My degrees in Mathematics allow me to understand the mathematics behind my theories. My education in Computer Science causes me to look at logical options rather than illogical theoretical speculation.

I am a person that looks at the big picture and how components work together. My Theory of Time is a look from 10,000 feet at how our universe works. I do not have a Physics degree. This keeps me from concentrating down in the weeds of specific areas of scientific research.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, I have not been indoctrinated into the Einstein Theory of Relativity mindset of graduate and doctoral students of physics. This allows me to think freely of new approaches to the workings of our universe.